General Contributions

Cover general expense and to Recover lost in the Houston Flood – Harvey


Over two decades there have been a myriad of previous pilot studies that have provided on-going information and our next cohort group of participants are currently applying for inclusion.  Much of our funding goes directly into our pilot studies to provide the protocols to a variety of people with differing degrees of health conditions and challenges.

Orange Tree Project

Our orange tree project is being researched to develop this optimal fruit with more flavor, more nutrients and juice with a lower glycemic index than most grove oranges currently produced without genetically modifying the plant itself. 

Health Sponsorship

Contributions allow designated people to be accepted into our Health Recovery Program.


Texas Endowment is currently working to broaden the availability of glycoscience research and treatment centers and organizations.  Working with some of the foremost authorities in the field, negotiating with community leaders and philanthropists,



Come partner with us, as we work toward bringing full Glycoscience curricula to all high schools, junior and community colleges and Universities across the United States.


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