Coronavirus Winding Down or Heating Up?

by | May 11, 2020

Coronavirus Winding Down or Heating Up?

Glycoscience NEWS Lesson #90 for 2020

by JC Spencer

05/10/2020 – COCOA BEACH

The Culture Rises
The scum, the filth, the debris can be clearly observed in the petri dish following certain actions or reactions in the environment – the culture is revealed.

Enjoying the sun and feeling somewhat released from coronavirus lockdown, beachgoers on Cocoa Beach, Florida left behind some 13,000 pounds of trash. Few paid any attention to the warning signs “$250 Fine for Littering.” One joker said he thought the sign meant that “it was fine for littering. ”The culture of today is too often, “I don’t care.” What remains following an action or a reaction reveals the culture of those involved.

I remember the first Feast of Joy we held in front of Houston City Hall in 1990 – we prepared a banquet for a thousand homeless people, cut their hair, gave free clothing, “made their day,” encouraged them to advance themselves. My message to the crowd was about our purpose in life – to help others and leave this a better place than we found it. I challenged the homeless and everyone attending to not leave one piece of trash in the park. It was a joyful time of music and dance and feasting. My instructions were to pick up any and every piece of trash and put it in the trash can. They left that park spotless and many Houston parks over the following 30 years each time we had the Feast of Joy. The crowd laughed when I told them that every time I go into a restroom, I leave it cleaner than when I entered and that I got into that habit when I started obeying a sign that said, “CLEAN RESTROOM.”

Brief Report of Covid-19 Hardest Hit Related Death

Reported for 05/10/2020

New York – 26,641

New Jersey – 9,256

Massachusetts – 4,979

Michigan – 4,555

Pennsylvania – 3,806

Illinois – 3,406

Connecticut – 2,967

California – 2,716

Louisiana – 2,286

Florida – 1,721

USA – 79,525

Italy – 30,560

UK – 31,930

Spain – 26,621

France – 26,383

Brazil – 11,123

Germany – 7,569

Iran – 6,640

Turkey – 3,786

Russia – 1,915

It’s winding down in some area. Many areas are zero.

African Update – (5/09) 3,671 new (within ~24 hours) COVID-19 positive tests in 38 countries bring the official count of 56 African countries to 61,066 infected with 2,217 reported COVID-19 related deaths. 81 new deaths were reported (within ~24 hours). Africa remains a tender box with leaders fearful of the potential. As of today (5/09) there are 25 deaths reported in the malaria troubled countries of Guinea, Botswana, Burundi, Zambia, and Malawi where quinine may be preventing the spread. 10 African countries out of the 56 countries report 0 fatalities to COVID-19. There were 85 new positive cases in Zambia reporting a total of 252 with 7 death. Malawi reported 13 additional positive cases for a total of 56 also with 0 deaths (no increase). Pray for Africa.

World Report [05/10/2020 COVID-19 has reported 4,101,482 confirmed cases worldwide – 282,694 reported deaths. US confirmed 1,329,203 infected & 79,525 deaths. NY is the epicenter with a reported 26,641 deaths. Reported tests conducted in the US is 8,987,524. 216,169 recovered]

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References: Agencies in Asia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, US, Russia, Agence France-Presse, msn news, Reuters, online citizens with cameras, WND, the National Guard in each state and Johns Hopkins University Pakistan Press International

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