Since 1996, our founder, JC Spencer, has surrounded himself with Glycoscience Pioneers from around the world. This began his study that includes the works of more than 700 M.D.s, PhDs, Scientists, Researchers, and Educators in the field of Glycoscience and brain function.

A rich history of Glycoscience discoveries and experience pave the road to the founding of Texas Endowment for Medical Research in 2016

In 2002, JC Spencer founded the Endowment for Medical Research as, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation who collaborated with others to provide four million dollars worth of funding via Smart Sugar products and over 68,000 volunteer hours for the research of improving brain function.

From that research, thousands of patients have been helped, and two peer-reviewed papers were published. There was a significant amount of data that had not been processed for publication and was lost during the Houston flood as a result of the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

A licensing agreement with GlycoScience Institute was assigned to Texas Endowment for Medical Research for the use and sale of certain intellectual properties including medical research findings and books, published papers, manuscripts, and specific royalty rights to scientific discoveries designed to benefit health challenges especially in the area of neurological conditions. (Below is information highlighting past events.).


During this season we sponsored and conducted two Glycomics Medical Conferences.

The Endowment for Medical Research provided full Category 1 Credits toward the AMA Physician’s Recognitions Award including CME/CEU Certification for Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nurses, and Dietitians. Physicians and healthcare professionals from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan attended these conferences.

  • Organized Glycoscience Pilot Surveys that resulted in two peer reviewed papers explaining the improved brain function in Alzheimer’s patients from the use of Smart Sugars. Those studies gave birth to a reported $100,000 grant for an Alzheimer’s clinical study at a major university.
  • Conducted Parkinson’s Pilot Surveys throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia, utilizing Glycoscience and Smart Sugar nutrients which results showed significant motor skill improvements. An Investigative Review Board (IRB) has not yet evaluated the results and no paper has yet been published on this Parkinson’s Pilot Survey. The Endowment is currently seeking funding to replicate this study to publish the findings and contribute to the overall knowledge base in the area of Glycoscience.
  •  A number of Pilot Surveys are currently in the data compiling process, primarily with neurodegenerative challenges affecting mental and motor skills from Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and Diabetes.
Pilot Projects/ Studys
  • During 2012-2013, we co-sponsored anti-depressant research and supplied the Smart Sugar nutrient (Trehalose) for a sugar study in Israel. The study resulted in a published paper through Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, Israel.
  • Completed a successful pilot project in a Chicago elementary school (Israel Academy) of children with severe learning disadvantages using Smart Sugars nutrients. Israel Academy was one of the lowest academic scoring schools in the lower south side of Chicago. General evaluation and supporting evidence revealed that this pilot project resulted in every student in the school improving his/her grade performance, overall improvement of attitude, increased attendance and lowered noise level.
  •  Now interfaced with universities and research laboratories in fourteen countries in the field of Glycoscience. All contacts were initiated by the universities, labs or research programs. They continue to seek out our increasing contributions to the study of the efficacy of Trehalose and other Smart Sugars in many areas of health challenges.


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