New FDA Rules on Antibody Tests for COVID-19

by | May 6, 2020

New FDA Rules on Antibody Tests for COVID-19

Glycoscience NEWS Lesson #84 for 2020

by JC Spencer

05/05/2020 – Well, that didn’t take long. Yesterday, I reported on developments for antibody testing for COVID-19 that could save an untold number of lives. Before yesterday was over, the FDA made a new ruling on antibody testing by tightened existing rules. The FDA concerns are in regard for the test’s accuracy and reliability. Those who have recovered are asked to donate blood plasma for an experimental treatment that aims to transfer immunity to other patients. Testing antibodies may produce a strategy to identify who is safe and who is not safe.

The new rules require companies to submit within 10 days the required emergency-use paperwork and data proving that their tests work. The tests are designed to determine if patients have antibodies in their blood that make them more immune to the coronavirus. The FDA said they have authorized 12 tests and more than 200 are in pre-approval phases. There is a public concern that the FDA could erase some civil liberates.

Breakthroughs are coming – I am very excited about the antibody testing to determine quantity and quality of antibodies in the blood. In Glycoscience, we know how to improve the quantity and quality of the glycans and glycoproteins naturally to produce the antibodies needed to shield the cells from COVID-19 or any other virus. Through applied Glycoscience, we have learned how to improve glycosylation of the glycans, glycoproteins, and glycolipids to modulate the immune system.

FDA Protects US from Wrongdoers and I’m Grateful
We cannot make fraudulent claims and we should all be thankful for that fact. I wish I could report all the testimonies that I have received from many people who have had remarkable health benefits from the T/C+ that I formulated a few years ago. I have collaborated with several universities internationally and assisted in their research especially in the area of neurological and inflammatory challenges. I lean heavily on scientific evidence through research.

Improved T/C+ with X5 – Doctors, healthcare professionals, and the general public are welcome to help us help your family and friends participate in a Pilot Survey. A natural ingredient in T/C+ with X5 is believed to destroy viruses but may not be conclusive. Needs more research.

I have improved the formulation of T/C+ which is now called T/C+ with X5 and it is designed to lower high blood pressure, aid brain function, reduce cell stress, serve as an anti-depressant, lower LDL cholesterol, sustain energy, aid stress tolerance, lower triglycerides, reduce arthritis, provide cardiovascular support, aid metabolic syndrome, inhibit fat cell enlargement, help protein folding, stabilize proteins, reduce inflammation, strengthen cell membrane, help overcome diabetes 1 & 2, nourish neurological processes, inhibit the progression of Type 2 Diabetes, delay neurological malfunction, inhibit the progression of beta-amyloid 40 and 42 which attributes to Alzheimer’s.

We welcome individuals with the following health challenges into a T/C+ with X5 – Six Month Pilot Survey because research shows that T/C+ with X5 may provide a higher quality of life and delay the onset of and sometimes may reverse certain neurological processes which include: muscular dystrophy, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, stroke, spina bifida, sleep apnea, shingles, peripheral neuropathy, migraines, meningitis, Lyme’s, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, ADD, encephalitis, Down’s syndrome, dementia, ADHD, chronic fatigue, bipolar, autism, alcoholism, and Huntington’s.

Multiple University Research Studies in various countries verify the functional components used in T/C+ with X5 have significant health benefits. Evidence of neither synergy nor counter-synergy effect is determined. Health benefits are unique to individuals and others may or may not receive similar benefits. In our research, we continue to have slow-responders, hyper-responders, and non-responders. Our objective is to discover ways and means to continue to improve better health and to provide solutions with a DO NO HARM Safety policy in a drug-free environment.

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African Report postponed – will continue

[World Report 05/05/2020 3 PM CT Covid-19 – 3,640,835 confirmed cases worldwide – 255,096 reported deaths. US confirmed 1,199,238 infected & 70,646 deaths. NY is the epicenter with a reported 25,073 deaths (More Chaos in NY: 1,700 past deaths in nursing home claimed to be unreported. Reported tests conducted in the US is 7,285,178.]

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Disclaimer: No medical claims are made or intended. More research is needed and purchases help support neurological research.


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