Nutrition has forever been the cornerstone of good health.  What we ingest makes a difference.  Yet beyond organic, gluten free, GMO Free is the idea that the cell, each and every cell in every living thing at some point is at its perfect, most pure state. 


Glycoscience explores, identifies, and examines a cell in this purest form and from that, create the optimal environment and conditions to grow the optimal fruit tree.

Our orange tree project is being researched to develop this optimal fruit with more flavor, more nutrients and juice with a lower glycemic index than most grove oranges currently produced without genetically modifying the plant itself.  This would allow communities to grow large harvests, exporting quality goods and providing a means to promote the economic development of under-developed areas. 

The project, originally designed to take this fruit to areas of Africa in most need of a profit bearing, hearty plant that could withstand its growing conditions and export its harvests for profit is now being examined for its potential initially in domestic areas such as poverty ridden Native American Reservations, storm torn areas in Texas and Florida and other areas conducive to the plants for its potential as a premium export.

Orange Tree

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