Discovery by Collaboration

Our Vision

Texas Endowment for Medical Research will continue to develop Glycoscience education and research programs: collaborating with colleges, universities, and researchers internationally.  Remaining up-to-date on glycan, glycoprotein, glycolipid discoveries will keep us on the cutting edge of this exciting new frontier of science.

We strongly believe that Glycoscience is the key to unlocking the future of medicine and quality health care, and will play a significant role in all of the 120,000 known diseases, that is manifested in all the motor and mental skills.

Our mission
Texas Endowment for Medical Research is an educational, research, and support organization with the purpose of expanding Glycoscience; how the human body benefits from implementing this integrative medical care for the prevention and treatment of disease. We will collaborate with educators, scientists, doctors, and researchers internationally. We will bring the benefit of natural Glycoscience into mainstream sciences.
Our focus
Texas Endowment for Medical Research will be focused on establishing educational opportunities beginning in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. By introducing GlycoScience at the high school, community college, university and pre-med level we will provide these students a chance to get a high paying job in an emerging technology!
We are always looking for good and talented people

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