When Experts Get It Wrong, People Die

by | May 12, 2020

When Experts Get It Wrong, People Die
The “Guidance Plan” that health experts are using to guide US is flawed

Glycoscience NEWS Lesson #87 for 2020

by JC Spencer


Professional guidelines and projections have been wrong repeatedly. The evidence verifies conclusively that WHO, CDC, NIH, and FDA have been misguided by the same people attempting to misguide US. Their plan is filled with errors caused by ignorance, neglect, and deception.

Academic experts from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona were guiding Arizona’s Department of Health Services – until this past Monday evening just before President Trump landed. Governor Doug Ducey shut down the work of the experts. Their last “expert” report predicted that the state’s peak of cases would not arrive before mid-May.

Time will soon tell if sidelining academic experts in the middle of the “pandemic” was wise or foolish. Potential dangers are obvious when reducing restrictions in any community. Damages are reduced by the fact that a lot of people never followed the restrictions anyway. So there will not be as much of a change. Operating with “real-time” evidence with the flexibility to correct is always more reliable than the modeling. The models have been so far off – it’s like throwing darts at the board. Donald Trump praised the governors for pulling back on restrictions or non-binding guidelines and hedged his bet by acknowledging “some people will be affected badly.”

The country needs a turnaround sooner rather than later. The opposition to reopening the country is telling us that you cannot ignore scientific data and bury models. Why? – the projections have consistently been wrong. To me that sound more like an agenda than a plan.

The petri dish is revealing the culture for all the world to see. We will soon be able to see in real-time the results of the models built by epidemiologists, politicians, or the herd. There are things in play that are coming to light.

A set of detailed documents created by the nation’s top disease investigators were written to provide step-by-step guidance to local leadership as restrictive and in some cases thought it undercut the White House’s 3-phase guidelines for opening up the country. The WH guidelines say states should see a 14-day decrease in coronavirus cases before reopening in safe and responsible ways based on their own data and response efforts.

President Trump warned that “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.” One size does not fit all. Look at NY and any other region.

[WORLD REPORT 05/07/2020 2 PM CT Covid-19 has reported 3,813,561 confirmed cases worldwide – 267,469 reported deaths. US confirmed 1,245,622 infected & 75,054 deaths. NY is the epicenter with a reported 26,130 deaths. Reported tests conducted in the US is 7,759,771 with 189,910 Reported Recovered.]

African Report (5/06) 4,767 new test+ (within ~48 hours) covid-19 cases in 35 countries bring the official count of 56 African countries to 51,254 infected with 1,960 reported covid-19 related deaths. 133 new deaths were reported (within ~48 hours). The continent remains a tender box with leaders fearful of the potential. As of today (5/06) there are 20 deaths reported (Guinea reported 2 deaths in the last 48 hours) in the malaria troubled countries of Guinea (11 deaths – 1,856 test+), Botswana (1 death – 23 test+), Burundi (1 death – 15 test+), Zambia (4 deaths – 146 test+), and Malawi (3 deaths – 43 test+). 11 African countries out of the 56 countries report 0 fatalities to covid-19. Pray for Africa.

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References: Agencies in Asia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, US, Russia, Agence France-Presse, msn news, Reuters, online citizens with cameras, WND, the National Guard in each state and Johns Hopkins University

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