To Mask Or Not To Mask

by | May 7, 2020

To Mask Or Not To Mask?

Glycoscience NEWS Lesson #86 for 2020

by JC Spencer


I still chuckle about the sign at the bank that tells me to take off my sunglass – then requests I put on a mask.

To Mask Or Not To Mask?
To mask or not to mask is but one of the confusing issues. Confusing directions came a few weeks ago when Dr. Fauci said masks were not necessary except for medical workers. To wear a mask may give a false sense of security.

New evidence shows that when I wear a mask, it may not protect me but it may protect others from me – because the infectious mist may go 12 feet without my mask and with my mask on the droplets may only go ~3 feet.

How judges and mayors handled the mask situation in Chicago and Houston is classic. Common sense is uncommon. But they don’t hold a candle to what happened in Michigan when a security guard was shot to death attempting to enforce state policy to wear a face mask.

Hundreds of protesters descended on the Michigan Capitol building to demonstrate against the governor’s stay-at-home order. Most of the protesters refused to wear a mask. Some people need to protest and then there are those who just like to protest and bring out their swastikas and nooses. We need to heed the expertise and those of higher learning – the problem is that they are hard to find. The chaos and harm caused by injunctions by little dictators put others at risk and can quickly outweigh the threats of the virus.

Safety and health are at the top of the list but not at the destruction of our God-given rights. I remember the battle of helmets for motorcycle riders. It makes sense to have on a helmet but the story goes that this motorcyclist was so opposed to the government telling him what to do that he was killed on his way to a protest rally because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. I still support him in his protest.

We are learning so much from this invisible killer that we will never be the same. The world will never be the same. I’m excited and perplexed at what else we are about to learn from Russia, Africa, New York, and various regions. Among the comforting things, we will learn about COVID-19 is that it may not be as dangerous as driving to work.

African Report (5/06) 4,767 new test+ (within ~48 hours) COVID-19 cases in 35 countries bring the official count of 56 African countries to 51,254 infected with 1,960 reported COVID-19 related deaths. 133 new deaths were reported (within ~48 hours). The continent remains a tender box with leaders fearful of the potential. As of today (5/06) there are 20 deaths reported (Guinea reported 2 deaths in the last 48 hours) in the malaria troubled countries of Guinea (11 deaths – 1,856 test+), Botswana (1 death – 23 test+), Burundi (1 death – 15 test+), Zambia (4 deaths – 146 test+), and Malawi (3 deaths – 43 test+). 11 African countries out of the 56 countries report 0 fatalities to COVID-19. Pray for Africa.

[WORLD REPORT 05/06/2020 5:30 PM CT Covid-19 has reported 3,742,665 confirmed cases worldwide – 262,709 reported deaths. US confirmed 1,223,419 infected & 72,812 deaths. NY is the epicenter with a reported 25,231 deaths. Reported tests conducted in the US is 7,759,771. 189,910 Reported Recovered.]

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